Saturday, May 28, 2005

Occupation 101

If you're going to occupy a country that has numerous political and religious factions, you must keep them divided. If you don't, they will unite against you. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Catholics and atheistic Communists fought side by side to throw out the fascists in Spain. Think about how easy it would be if you believed in the same God! The early American revolutionaries were composed of divergent religious/political groups united against the Crown of England. Try as they might, the resistance fought under the banner of religious and political freedom for all. I'd imagine it's much easier when dealing with two large rival groups say, Sunnis and Shi'as, or Republicans and Democrats for that matter. Divide and conquer. Allow only one faction to dominate the sham bureaucracy you've set up so there's always a have/have not relation and, hopefully, one will covet the other's manufactured station. Play on their jealousies. Next, instigate actions to disrupt any burgeoning relations between the two. Attribute attacks on one group to the other. Car bombs in civilian areas, attacks on mosques, kidnapping, etc. will fan the flames of hatred. To do this, you need people who are capable of blending into the environment and are devoid of any ties to the two targeted groups. A foreign intelligence agency (adept in covert operations) from a nearby, friendly country (Read Mossad ) or an indigenous people who have their own reasons for feeling marginalized by the two main groups, say Kurds . This also affords you plausible deniability if one of your “agents” is exposed. Blame the resistance. Blame the resistance for high oil prices (In America AND Iraq!); blame them for civilian casualties, for drought, for colon cancer, anything that makes anyone feel pain. Codify the image of your adversary; make it out to be easily identifiable; this is mainly for your audience at home. Paint them as Saddam supporters, or Al-Qaeda operatives (Associating the Iraqi resistance with 9/11), or even better-foreign fighters (Future targets Iran, Syria). An American audience can digest snapshots like that, and it optimizes time on air for commercial breaks. Discourage any portrayal of the resistance as pluralistic and united in common cause. Now that you have successfully incited civil war, sit back and reap the benefits: a peacekeeping excuse for staying longer, a divided and tired populace begging for security, and of course a police state to keep the people, I mean insurgents, in check.


Anonymous the voice in your head said...

yeah, that's what i would do. where are all these suicide bombers in iraq coming from? not the dmv i hope.

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