Sunday, June 26, 2005

Iraqi Insurgency Pigeon holed as Sunni only

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. and Iraqi officials said on Sunday they were talking to tribal leaders, clerics and some groups linked to the Sunni Arab insurgency as part of attempts to draw more parties into Iraq's political process.

Sunni Arab insurgency. Sunni Arab insugency. Sunni...

See? Portray the insurgency as anything but a united Iraqi front. It's just Sunnis, right? They're just jealous of the Shia dominated puppet govt. that doesn't do anything.

"We're not going to compromise with Zarqawi."

There they go with trying to link them to Al-Queda again. Guys, you cannot have it both ways, to wit:

1.The resistance is linked to Al-Queda through Zarqawi.
2.We have constant talks with the resistance-trying to compromise.
3.We're not going to compromise with Zarqawi.

What bullcrap. Is this propaganda placement or what?

The only people they could possibly talk to would be local Sheiks and religious leaders that will give them the time of day.

Like some guy in a kafiya and an Ak is actually sitting down on a pillow with a US military rep sipping strong tea and deciding what they will do about all the nasty fighting.


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