Monday, June 06, 2005

June is here folks!

We've been hearing about a plan to attack Iran in late June for some time now.(Go to Raed's site on the right and click on his Attack Iran? NO! banner) For months in fact. Most likely it will be an attack from Israel-since they have a very capable air force with bunker busters donated by the US just about a month ago-I believe. A ground attack would be futile, of course. Now, take a deep breath. The ONLY way to get support for an attack like this would be if Iran was blamed for some horrible atrocity-like Iraq was blamed for 9/11-or was found to be complicit in some wrong-doing. Nuclear ambitions aside, there needs to be more pretext. Something to sell. Maybe they'll just amp up the nuclear development story more-not sure. One thing's for sure-the air feels different this month-there is a disturbance in the force, if you will. Bush's approval rating is slipping again folks, and you know damn well what that can mean. Another attack. Let's hope not. May we all stay strong enough to endure what is assuredly laid out for us in the near future. Peace to you all-let's keep our heads together. NO WAR!


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