Thursday, June 30, 2005

Target Iran

We all know the US is gearing up for war or at least "surgical" strikes against Iran. Either by using Israel or doing it ourselves. The rhetoric is getting thick around here. Now we are seizing the assets of people conected to Iran and other countries.The newly elected president is being accussed of being a former kidnapper, even though the intel on that is rather flimsy at this time.
Oh, there is no question that Iran has something we want.
On the first page of this CENTCOM report of 1998, the US's intention to target both Iraq and Iran are apparent. They don't even hide their desire for the region's oil reserves...

"In Southwest Asia, both Iraq and Iran
continue to pose threats to the region and to the free flow of oil from the region."

Yeah, but it's THEIR OIL! It's like someone coming into a bookstore you own and saying "I need all of your books now because you're impedeing the flow of information."
"What will you do with them?", you ask.
"Oh, sell them for more. Or sit on them while bookstores freindly to us make better profits."



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