Friday, June 24, 2005

US support of bombings in Iran?

Scott Ritter, a former UNSCOM weapons inspector and political activist had alleged months ago that plans had been "signed off" by George W. Bush to bomb Iran in late June. Well, it's June. No bombs, right? Wrong. Five days before the elections, an "atypical" series of explosions ripped through various spots in Iran, killing eight. There are quite a few of these opposition groups, some more militant than others. Some Iranians have called for the US to empower opposition forces. Members of the Iranian Govt. have talked about pursuing legal action against the US for funding opposition groups.

It is true that the US has been protecting iran opposition forces. Again, I found some intersesting material from the CFR here concerning the US backing opposition in Iran. (Do a search on the page for "opposition" and you will find some CFR guy saying it would be a bad idea to say if we are/aren't supporting opposition groups. Classic. Yeah, we probably are.)

Exaxtly who got what and how much and for not the point of this article. I simply would like to indicate that we have supported groups in the past, one or a few of these groups are suspected of the bombings, and that bombings DID take place in late June. Not aerial attacks, sure. But, is it a possibility that Bush "signed off" for attacks from opposition forces to help disrupt elections. I'd still like to give Ritter the benefit of the doubt. Maybe when plans are "signed off for late June", they mean that the plans are to be implemented (ie. send money to this guy, go over here-do this/that) around late June and the action is executed later-say September. Since urainium is probably on it's way from Russia with love, fears are still projected in the near future of attacks on Bushehr nuclear plant.


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