Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Origin of the Yellow Ribbon...

"Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree is a song based on a true story. A man who had served three years in PRISON FOR WRITING BAD CHECKS was returning home on a bus headed South on U.S. 17 in Georgia. He had written his wife a letter saying that he would understand if she didn't wait for him, but if she loved him, she could let him know by tying a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree in the city square of their hometown. As the bus rolled in to White Oak, Georgia, the driver slowed down so the man, and all the passengers, could see if she had signalled her intentions. When the yellow ribbon was spotted, the man broke down and cried as the passengers cheered. Wire services picked up the inspiring story and song writers Irwin Levine and L. Russell Brown fashioned it into "Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree." (emphasis mine)


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