Sunday, August 07, 2005

Check this out:

Investigators pick through London carnage
Friday, July 8, 2005

"LONDON, England (CNN) -- As Friday dawns in London, investigators are picking through the carnage created by a coordinated bomb attack on three of the city's Underground trains and a double-decker bus."

"Police do not know whether suicide bombers carried out the attacks or whether bombs had been left in packages on the Underground or in buses, according to Brian Paddick, Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner."

"Paddick said it wasn't clear whether the bombs were on the trains or in the tunnels."

"U.S. law enforcement sources said investigators have discovered remnants of timing devices that may have been used in the train explosions -- but that no such fragments have been found at the site of the bus blast."

.....So, how about that. It seems the police were as baffled as we are now, as to where the bombs were. Was there any indication that the bombs WERE in "the tunnels"? Did any of the damage indicate that the bombs were outside the train? Wouldn't that be easy to find out? It's not like the entire carraige dissapeared into thin air. Metal will either twist in or out, depending on where the blast took place. The US law enforcement sources sounded very sure about the timers. Hell, they said actual remnants (fragments, if you will) had been found. Not at the site of the bus bombing, though. They didn't find evidence of timers there.

Timers are mentioned in this article as well:

Subway Bombs Said Triggered By Timers
United Press International

"Investigators say three terrorist bombs in the London subway apparently were detonated by timers, not suicide bombers, it was reported Friday."

....The bombs were either set off by individuals or were set off with timers. As reported in the Financial Times on August 5th:

Prof Hans Michels, an explosives expert at Imperial College London, said: "Suicide bombers do not need timers to set off their bombs, nor do they need alarm signals from mobile phones, as they are likely to set off their deadly weapons themselves once they are in their dreadful target scenario."

...So you can't have it both ways....OR CAN YOU?...look at this little nugget that came up days after the attacks...

London Bombing Evidence Points To Suicide
Jul 12, 2005

"Sources told CBS News Correspondent Sheila MacVicar that part of a timer was found embedded in the flesh of one of the suspected suicide bombers."

.......Wow. Embedded in his flesh. So, the suicide bombers used timers after all. Sure. What a terrible spin piece. Granted, the expert advice from Pof Hans Michels didn't become public until a month later. Sounds like they tried to spin the idea of timers, but it just wouldn't stick.


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