Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Echos of Madrid

It's really not that far fetched that the explosions were under the train. Authorities found a bomb planted on the railway in Madrid just after the bombings on 3/11. It was composed of the same material that was used on the trains. The only thing missing was the detonator. Why throw away a perfectly good cell phone, right? Don't believe me?
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Speaking of Madrid, I overlapped the trains again using the BBC's pics (Thank You BBC!!!).

Not exactly a pattern. Well, except the obvious pattern of 1-2-3-4 when you take them out of "sequence". The time in the Video capture doesn't seem to add up with the official timeline either.

We know that only one possible bomber died out of all the explosions that took place in Madrid. One. Pretty good chance the other bombers left the site long before. We know for a fact that the Madrid bombers used timing devices (cell phones). We know the London authorities found evidence of timing devices, even though the story has been buried.


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