Monday, August 08, 2005


"The bomb at Aldgate had been detonated on a train heading east on the outer Circle line track from Liverpool Street. A full assessment, including ultrasonic testing of the rails, revealed MAJOR DAMAGE ONLY TO CABLES USED FOR SIGNALLING, POWER AND COMMUNICATIONS. These are over 40 years old although some were replaced 10 years ago as part of a new centralised signalling control system. The tunnel, which is early 20th century, was undamaged."
(Emphasis mine)


Bomb damage assessment from the Metronet Homepage

Signalling, Power, Communications. Doesn't this sound familiar to you? C'mon, you remember. The attack on the Line just south of Norwich. June 17th, 2005. Only those specific cables were messed with. I'm positive that was a test of some sort.

Here's the recap:

Vandalism hits train services
17 June 2005

"The Norwich-London mainline has been hit by a wave of delays and cancellations after vandals attacked signalling equipment last night.

The attack was discovered when signals and power circuits began malfunctioning at around 10pm on Thursday evening. Repair crews were shocked to find several signalling circuits and a 650-watt power cable had been cut. The vandals targeted two seperate sections of track four miles apart near the village of Newton Flotman. Repair crews told Anglia News that the attack appeared well planned and had been designed to cause maximum disruption."


Vandals cause day of rail misery
18 June 2005
East Anglian Daily Times

"The two attacks, which saw signalling and communication cables cut near Tharston and Newton Flotman, just south of Norwich, are thought to have happened on Thursday night."



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