Monday, August 22, 2005

"The Tunisian" problem

OK, pinch me and tell me I'm dreaming.

On the 3rd of April 2004, it was reported by the AP that Judge Juan del Olmo, the investigating magistrate assigned to the Madrid train bombings, issued an international arrest warrant for five people and Sarhane Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet("The Tunisian"). Six total.

Then I find this. The men you see profiled above to the left were featured in a April 2nd, 2004 CNN Article (Source). The CNN peice goes into how the Judge issued his International Arrest Warrants for six people. Here are the six people. In fact, the picture is entitled "story.spain.warrants.jpg". Check out the picture of "The Tunisian". How in the @%*! did they get that picture? That was from the footage of the apartment suicide!!!

"Hey, look out for this guy. It's "The Tunisian"!

"Where'd you get that picture of him?"

"Oh, when he committed suicide in this apartment, he made a video just before the explosion. We took a still from it. Look out, he's still on the loose!"



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